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Mitzi Dupree – Deep Purple

zpět na Fakt dost hustý

zpět na Fakt dost hustý

Flying to salt lake city
Seats 3a and b
I was down and needed a window
But in 3a sat mitzi dupree

She said „hi i am mitzi the queen of the ping pong
Where you going boy“
I said „nowhere“
She said „i’m moving on“

I thought what is this
I cannot resist here she is
And i’ve always wanted a girl with a name
A name like mitzi dupree

She said „what do you do“
I said „i’m a singer in a band“
She said „yeah i’m an entertainer“
Reached out and took my hand

She was going to a mining town
Way up north to do her show
I said „it must be cold up there“
She said „depends on who you know“

Oh that look in her eye i can tell you no lies
I’m just a man she made me feel
Like a king in my mind i love you mitzi dupree
I know i love you mitzi dupree

I said „what is this queen of the ping pong business“
She smiled „what do you think
It has no connection with china“
I said „have another drink“

Well i knew right away
That i’d seen her act before
In a room behind a kitchen in bangkok
And three or four times more in singapore

She may not be the first
But i know she ain’t the worst
She was mine but i ran out of time
I miss you i love you mitzi dupree

My darling mitzi dupree
My darling my darling
My darling mitzi dupree
Mitzi dupree
I love you mitzi dupree

zpět na Fakt dost hustý

zpět na Fakt dost hustý

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